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Intuition Psychic abilities Clairvoyance

Please tell me what serums to take for psychic abilities especially intuition and clairvoyance.
Thank you


  • Dear @Premlatha ji, psychic abilities are mostly Divine driven. Self awareness is the basic calibration, one should practice first. It is because, one should be able to recognize the drift of these divine things to know that they have acquired such ability. With constant cleaning of the Astral chakras, you may request for Balance Serum for activation of your intuitive powers. By the grace of the Divine, this ability may gradually enable you with Clairvoyant empowerment.

    But as I always profess, Spiritual powers are not acquired spread on a plate. You will have to practice, focus and keep your patience as patiently as you keep on requesting for your unanswered prayers, everyday to your God.

    If your effort is honest and the Divine choose you, you may get the ability of Intuition very soon.

    Kindly share your voyage to this ecstatic arena. In case of any assistance or further guidance, we will be happy to be with you.

  • Thank you for your kind advice sir.Surely I will contact you if I need any assistance
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