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Naturally straight hair with VK

I have a curly hair.. And I got it straightened few years back and keep getting the root touch up as it grows.. I am fed up with this job n gets too expensive on pockets..
With VK, I have started oiling my hair with coconut oil and almond oil, shampoo charged with Golden Sunrise, Energy of Onion juice, Beauty Serum, AMAlKI..

My straightened hair has become smooth n shiny.. But natural growing hair still has slight dryness and curls..

Am I taking right set of energies for softening curls with ease, making hair straight..?

Thanks in advance for your valuable inputs..


    1. You can drink charged water with Beauty Serum + GOLDEN SUNRISE +ALPHA WOMAN SERUM.
    2. Charge your brushes, combs, straightening tools with Beauty Serum.
    3. Send GOLDEN SUNRISE and BEAUTY SERUM to skills of your beautician when she does your hair treatment.
    4. With your intention charge the products and tools used by beautician for you with GOLDEN SUNRISE and BEAUTY SERUM.
    5. After you finish the treatment just rotate VK on your head with few rotations chanting BEAUTY SERUM. Request VK GOLDEN SUNRISE make my hair soft strong and straight now forever.
    6. You can charge your bath water too with the energies that you already mentioned.
    7. You can also request VK to give you effect of straightening to your new hair with safety and security.

    Whenever i visit the parlour for any session i send energies to the beautician as well as to products used. And energise my hair/body part that just got treated after the session.
    This has reduced my frequency of going to parlours because of lasting effects.

    i also give gratitudes to my body, hair complexion. If we love our body, it shows up.
    Just a suggestion please don't use the word FED UP , our body needs love and attention.
    Use VK creatively as given in the article, i am sure your frequency of treatments will also reduce.
    Thank you

  • i have personally done this and it try and share your experiences!!

    How about being in gratitude mode for our body and attract good features for it with VK.
    Write some gratitudes affirming body skin and hair.
    Take a paper and pen.
    Write GOLDEN SUNRISE on top.
    Then write these gratitudes
    1. I thank you Divine for my perfect body weight.
    2. I thank you Divine for my desired body shape.
    3. I thank you Divine for my glowing radiant skin.
    4 I thank you Divine for my lovely thick black long hair.
    (For men word long can be deleted).
    5. I thank you Divine I enjoy my feminity and perfect figure.
    ( For men : body muscles and masculinity)
    6. I thank you Divine for my beautiful body and charming personality.
    Then write
    Thank you Thank you Thank you
    Your name.
    Read these lines . Hold VK and say this thrice
    O Divine VK GOLDEN SUNRISE to all my gratitudes please send it multiple fold to the Universe
    Or you can say this
    O Divine VK please manifest these affirmations in my life Now

    Either of the two can be done.

    Keep VK on this paper for 30 min.
    You can do this daily or as frequently as you feel to do.
    Gratitude/affirmations with VK will help you to attract these features in your life.

  • Thank You Rakhi Ji.. Really nice inputs..
    Sure, will definitely read and live these Gratitude's.. :)
  • Wow rakhi didi thankyou for the Affirmation.
  • Thank you for your thanks Madhoo and Mamta. Do share your experiences with VK.

  • How well u explanied,..i was using serum for long,thick,soft hair but gratitute part i wl follow today only...thanks for ur support. N elabrated explaination....thanks a lot
    Special thanks to u rakhidi,sir to making this forum ,it is so useful to all
  • Rakhiji,
    Do we have to write the gratitude affirmation daily in paper or can we use the already written paper to energize it with VK
  • @Premalatha ji you can use already written Affirmation to charge daily.
    One more suggestion whenever you charge these affirmations please read them once.
  • Thank you very much sir
  • I have a question as if we charge tools like hair brush etc how long does the effect of energies remain on them??? Bcoz shampoo and oils charged remains till they last so once we charge them the effect remains till the product it same for the tools? How frequently we need to charge tools
  • @Muskaan
    Tools only act as carriers. Energy transfers from tools to hair or on organs that you use. You may recharge the tools based on need or inner guidance
  • Ok thank you ma'am
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