Money relationship with lenders

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Lender those peopless gives me money before they are sometimes use some words for their money.. I am trying too arrange money and pray to VK for collect and reach money to me for them and for my business investment..
Now question is....... in the o e circle can I use all of lender names andaend them one ONE SOUL SERUM, LOVE SERUM, ALL. CLEAR SERUM, BALANCE SERUM... back to back call and keep vk 30 minutes on that circle????????????
Any other tips please.... I want to keep good relationship with all of hem...beccause they gave me money that time I was looking money... I am gratefull and thankful to all of my lenders and UNIVERSE... I am thankful to SHARAT Sir and VK, RAKHI jee, Puneet Jee,, Sanjay Sir and Payal jee and all of Teacher who always help me to learn by their teaching.....

Please help me...... I want to pay all of my lenders money as early as possible and also need support and love from all of them..



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