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Energy Drain with one soul serum to my team

1) Feeling tired and energy drain by using “One Soul Serum” for our work team which is almost 100 members.

Results are seen , they are working with unity but I am feeling extremely drained and also experiencing some energy going out of my heart area.

Also if the request is for less members less energy drain and for more members more energy drain is experienced.

I am sensitive to energies so was able to feel.

Request you to please suggest a solution or should I stay away from using this serum

2) Also I am getting really scared regarding karmic effects of using VK as I am interfering with the natural flow of work and teams. Please provide your valuable advice/opinion.

Awaiting response from grand masters and seniors for above listed 2 queries. Thanking you Golden Sunrise to All


  • @err9000
    1. Don't worry
    With VK when you send serums , it will not drain your energy as VK is the energy sender
    VK is a limitless energy reservoir so it can follow any number of requests

    If you feel drained out could be emotional disturbance or anxiety to heal 100 members
    Take PERFECT HEALTH SERUM MOOD UP SERUM in drinking water and rejuvunate yourself

    2. Relax, you are intending to improve lives of more than hundreds with good intention.
    You already saw the difference in their working, the karmic flow is affected for good of these people in a progressive way

    Whenever you feel that a karmic flow is effected against natural laws , just surrender results to Divine and feel free.
  • I always add “with safety and security” for all my requests yet I don’t know why I am experiencing the drain.

    This was only with One Soul Serum

    With All other serums experienced no energy drain.

    Thank you
  • @err9000
    Maybe some anxiety or fear on outcome
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