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I have Takshak Kaal Sarp Dosh in my horoscope. This dosh never lets Person be successful, despite best combination of stars which can grant you success. In other words it’s like you can earn 100 bucks but they go down the drain every single time for some reason or the other. This dosh will make you go through hell on earth - You get insulted in society, addiction, anger, hate, mental issues, sleep issues, loss of control over our , overthinking in small things, financial loss, unstable career, severe health issues, suicidal tendencies etc.. the list goes on basically life becomes fully negative like dark Coca-Cola.

Please recommend a way to get out of the above dosh & currently undergoing Sade Sati. So that life can turn from dark Coca-Cola (negative) to pure water in Kinley bottle (positive)

I want to help my parents and those around me for achieving this I must stand on my own feet in life (mentally & financially stable) which I am unable to do as I am undergoing all above issues

Please recommend a way out..

Thanking you pranaams..


  • If you are a male then take the Alpha Male Serum and if a female then take the Alpha Woman Serum with Mood Up Serum and Balance Serum as much as possible.

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