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A miracle karmic experience by my first VK

Golden Sunrise
Here is a karmic miracle experience by VK which changed my life totally.

Before VK came in our life, we were undergoing highly complex tough time in our family, including my husband, daughter, mother in law and me. My mother in law was hearing and speech impaired from her childhood due to a fever she got which affected the nerve relating to speech. Due to her disability, she was subject to mood swings frequently in a month, she would behave differently. As her age progressed, she got severe knee pains, other small body pains..after a time she found difficult to walk and slowly her activities went down. This led to increase of mood swings, since unable to express her pains like normal people do. At times of balanced mind, she used to call me and tell me in gesture that she was not angry with me.. but herself felt mood swings, couldn't just come over it. Her only reliance was on her son, my husband.
His time of looking after her increased per day, as I was unable to do much bcz of my arthritis condition. She at times used to throw little things in anger.. started showing her anger if anyone came home.. shouted at them..
So we had to keep door closed.. Went through very tough time that my husband couldn't go out beyond a radius, she would force me to call him home.. We didn't know what to do ahead as we can't avail anyone's help to manage her and my husband was alone handling a lot of work everyday. He had to take care of home affairs as well as his business.

Around this time I came across litairian website, and got VK which was before the covid outbreak. I kept wearing VK, didn't do any request to VK for my situations. My thought didnt orient to that.
After about six months since VK came, situations started worsening. She started shouting daily in pain.. we couldnt manage that noise at home. There was no peace of mind even to drink a tea.
We became more worried that, she must not be with pain and struggle at her old age like this.
One day, I sat with VK.. talking about the situations. I was crying in tears as I couldnt share this with my parents also, my mother in-law was my father's sister. I avoided my parents coming to my home saying some reason for more than 5 years. I also couldn't visit them.
As i was crying to VK, my tears dried in a minute by VK which was a miracle that i saw. I said to VK that "I don't know what to ask you.. Mother in law is in self struggle, we are also in struggle unable to help her or ourselves. My husband almost was woke up nights even.. attending her with his eyes sleeplessly red as she got bedridden..
This is the extreme condition, ahead we don't have a way to proceed. Pls give all of us some relief from the situation."

The next day morning she didn't wake up or call anyone. Was sleeping till evening. Around 4 pm, she looked at me with hand gesture, asked for coffee.. I fed her, she took three times of sip.. then blessed me showing that she is going...
I didn't know what to do. Called husband, as he was out to get some medicine. He came.. she asked him to sit nearby for some time, we could see a kind of peace on her face though she was in tiredness.
She again slipped to deep sleep. Around night 10 pm, my husband noticed that her pulse was down.. she passed away.

For an hour, we were in total silence with this immediate change in her. I also forgot about the talk which I had made to VK.
After her rituals, I remembered my talk to VK and thanked VK.. My husband said that his worry was that she shouldn't pass away in pain and struggle which would not be good for her soul. VK had worked in this regard on the last day of hers, as we could see her in peace, she talked to us in balance..

This was a karmic miracle which I witnessed in my life, where getting relief to one's soul is something beyond human possibilities.
Soulful gratitude to Divine VK for taking her soul to peace and giving us also peace regarding her demise and way to live our life ahead in peace.

Immense gratitude to Divine Sharat Sir
Golden Sunrise


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