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Getting attuned by VK in healing modalities without a master and how to prove credibility, etc.?

I just wanted to ask about getting attuned as a healer with VK. I would like to be a healer so if I use VK to attune myself with modalities like Reiki healing and Pranic healing without knowing how exactly it works or getting it from a Master, how can I provide healing services without a credible certificate or anything?

I do follow a spiritual path and have been initiated by my Siddha Guru in Divine archetype energies and various mantras so my consciousness is high but haven't done any specific courses on reiki or others so I just wanted inputs from other healers here how they provide healing services without formal attunement. Thanks.


  • @sharat47

    A Healer's main quality is ability and compassion to help other and heal others, So spiritually you don't need a Certificate for healing abilities

    When you take attunements through VK , you get attuned for that modality but you have to still learn to practise that effectively
    You don't need a Master to attune yourself because VK is the Master But practise will need knowledge
  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher Thanks, so would you say to practise something effectively, for instance Reiki, you will still have to go and learn it from somewhere to do it even if attuned with it using VK?
  • @sharat47
    Attunement helps when you practise . Isn't it ?
    What is your purpose of taking Reiki attunement
  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher I would like to heal others using Reiki, Pranic healing and other modalities but I haven't learnt any of these so just by attuning myself, I wouldn't know how exactly to do the healing so that's what I was thinking that I need to learnt these courses as well.
  • @sharat47
    You can do COSMIC healing with VK for many
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