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Mimicking Surrogate Healing ??? - Autism/ADD/ADHD/LD

Dear Sharat Sir,

GOLDEN SUNRISE to you, your entire Team and VK family... :)
I have been a VK user since 2017, have manifested many things in my Life since then.. and one big success story was me getting pregnant with low AMH levels and gave birth to baby boy. :blush:

However, my son who came as a blessing into my life, was diagnosed with ASD and Speech Delay, and since 2 years he is been on therapies (Occupational, ABA and Speech therapy.
Though there have been improvements, they were never consistent due to continuous challenges from sensory issues and repetitive stimming behaviors.

I have tried various tips mentioned in this forum on Autism, but didn't help at a bigger picture, however I was still able to manifest few little little things meanwhile.

So, recently went ahead on a deeper search for solution to help my son come out of the well of Autism, and in the process I found an article about "Understanding Surrogate Healing in Autism" - by Dr. Rajalakshmi Kandaswamy.
The information in this article gave me a different outlook altogether on this problem, and further read her articles, blogs in her website and was amazed that ACTUALLY Autism can be CURED.

To all the VK Family members:
Basically it revolves around the subject of quantum physics.
In brief, Everything in this Universe is Energy. And, We all multidimensional beings have the ability to sense energy.

And these Children with Autism,/ADHD/ADD or LD are extremely energy-sensitive and vulnerable to disturbances in their energy fields. And source of the energy disturbances can be ANYTHING - people, objects, food, medicines, vaccines, changes in the environment and so on.

Our energy system consists of 2 components - Chakras and Meridians, and often these are disturbed/blocked due to our thoughts, feelings and emotions from within, other people or surroundings.

And due to the disturbances in our (as parents of the child) energy fields, this energy-sensitive child can easily sense the energy and shows up a SYMPTOM of Autism (In our case).

So, Surrogate healing (through Intent Healing) aims to first heal (through healing sessions conducted by DR Rajalakshmi) the parents energy field which is the primary cause for the child to have energy disturbance in his energy fields. And, as the parents are healed, the symptoms which are reflection of energy disturbances from parents energy fields are automatically gone. And for further retained symptoms, child is then healed with few sessions ____

So coming back, Sharat Sir I have reached Dr. Rajalakshmi for one-to-one sessions for our parents healing and then our child.
However, process goes like Energy assessments individually for both the parents and then for child, separate sessions for each parent and then the child at last. So this ended up to be very very expensive on pockets, which we can never go for.

So I wanted to take help of VK to mimic this healing.
But, I am stuck as how can I should mimic this Intent healing, first parents getting healed and then the child.
I am totally confused on how I should ask or frame a question to VK, silly ME.

Kindly guide me through this, and also let us know about the frequency of request to VK.

GRATITUDEs to you Sir!!!


  • Just mimic Surrogate healing daily for 21 days using VK and then mimic the same healing to your son for 21 days after completing your 21 days. Mimic it twice a day.

  • Thank You so much sir.. I will surely try and update you.. :)

  • Sir, I can simple ask VK like this ?

    "Dear VK, Please activate a complete session of Surrogate healing to me NOW FOREVER" - 3 times with an intention of safety and security
    - 2 times a day for 21 days


    "Dear VK, Please mimic Surrogate healing session by Dr Rajalakshmi to me NOW FOREVER" - 3 times with an intention of safety and security
    - 2 times a day for 21 days

  • Dear VK, Please mimic Surrogate healing session by Dr Rajalakshmi to me NOW FOREVER" - 3 times with an intention of safety and security
    - 2 times a day for 21 days

  • Sure Sir, Thank You so much.
    Many GRATITUDES to you Sir..

  • @Madhoo
    GOLDEN SUNRISE to your efforts
  • Hello Sir/Madam,

    Can we do like this please let me know

    Dear VK, please mimic surrogate healing by Dr Rajyalakshmi to me, my wife and my kid Now Forever 3 times with Intention of safety ans security
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