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Lost money in online fraud

Hi.. Good morning, I have 3vks and i continuously used Golden Sunrise, TWS & Shield of 7 rays to keep my money safe. But inspite of this I lost huge sum to online fraud.
Please guide me on how to recover this money.
Thank you for your support.


  • @bbvishu
    What is the fraud about ?
  • It's about online trading in Stocks.
  • It was in stock investment & ipo subscription, not options & futures.
  • @bbvishu
    Taking energy helps to protect wealth and even increase wealth.
    But vigilance is a part of money management like anyother affairs .
    Nowadays there is a lot of awareness created by SEBI and money Gurus (CA firms) on safe investments. If a person ignores the awareness or fails to be updated, can fall prey to frauds.
    Being vigilant is the action part.
    While you take energies, plz also take the actions into consideration.
    A parallel example
    If a person takes DIGEE SERUM but still keeps eating junk food and faces acidity, how much can energies support.

    For fraud transactions, do file a complaint and be vigilant in future actions.
    You can send SO7R to your money with VK.
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