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My experience of Mass blessings of sharath sir

Golden Sunrise All,

I am sharing Sharath sirs mass blessings on shivarathri day yesterday I had a WOW experience ..& the miracles of VK..

As I do not have a facebook account, I was unable to comment in it ( it opens up in read only mode for me). Hence I used to miss out on sir's blessings on previous occassions.

This time, I decided to ask VK to give me sirs energies & empowerment of shiva shakti & follwed his instructions & started chanting Om Namah Shivaya...I sat for 20 mins in meditation requesting VK directly. In 2 mins i started feeling amazing vibrations of sirs Divine blessings thru out my body & in all the chakras. in every breath I was smelling the fresh fragrance of Vibhuti pervading my entire body..I could not visit temple...But I felt I had visited shiva temple and could feel Divine grace fully & Lord shivas blessings...I felt fully empowered..It was a overwhelming out of the world experience...!!

Thank you very much sharath sir for taking your time to send us Divine blessings, Divine Light & Love. Thanks to Divine VK, Almighty Supreme God & all the litarians..!! Gratitudes..!!



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