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Cure Thalassemia and Repair DNA

Golden Sunrise
When I was 6 months old, I was diagnosed with Thalassemia Major, and since then, I have been undergoing regular blood transfusions after a gap of 21 days.
Currently I am 26 years old and recently became a VK user, please guide me how can I use VK to heal my DNA, increase HB and gap of my transfusion, reduce Ferretin levels in my body. Along with this, heal my organs.
My goal is to repair my DNA completely and remove every cell that contains Thalassemia so that I can live even without undergoing blood transfusions, my body should be capable enough to generate and maintain healthy RBCs and HB.


  • @KashikaMakkar545
    You can explore doing VOB of your bone marrowand DNA system with GOLDEN SUNRISE

    Recently a personalised gene editing therapy is approved CASGEVY.
    You can explore mimicking this therapy with a direct request to VK. Please remember to mimicking any therapy with safety and security intention
  • Thank you for your guidance!
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