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VS keep our home safe when I forgot to turn my cooker off and it’s been on for almost 15 hours.


I consider myself very blessed because after owning several VKs now I am able to finally have VS at our house here in Australia.
Yesterday I was very tired and out of sort
We had dinner around 5-6 pm.
I forgot to turn my cooker off after heating my husband curry. Until this morning when I went to the kitchen around 8.30 and saw the light was red and my empty pan was hot.
I realised the cooker has been on all night long.
We have electric cooker and I usually go around the house before bed to make sure all the unused power point and appliances are off. But for some reason I totally forgot and even left the food I cook for the dog left outside on the bench.
I believe VS keeps our house safe from burn down.
This is just one miracle out of many that we have had experience since VS installed in our home about a month ago.

Thank you DIVINE, Sharat Sir, VS and VK’s Divine energy to keep us safe.


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