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Heel Pain vanished in few mins--with VK Crystal Healing

Golden Sunrise All,

I had my Heel pain reoccur suddenly out of the Blue yest. Luckily I had read sharath Sirs beautiful articles on Crystals few months back & was inspired to purchase few crystals. I had shopped an Amethyst wand & clear Quartz oblique lying at home. Seeing them, I remebered Sharath Sirs article, mentioning Amethyst is good for Viens, Motility & a tranquilizer & quartz is the master Healer...So Instead of Using Pain Killer Sprays, I decided to go with crystals.

With VK, I gave All clear Serums & Golden Sunrise to the crystals. I kept Amethyst on one hand & Quartz on other hand & sat for 10 mins meditation. I Prayed & requested the crystals to give its Divine energies & gave my Love & gratitude to it ( Coz I know crystals have conciousness). I could sense their energies flowing into my hands & body. Before doing this activity, I had drank sufficient VK charged water which had ALL Clear Ser, GS, Perfect Health Ser, Balance Ser & GS which I keep it handy always.

Post 10 mins of meditation, The pleasant energies of crystals were flowing in my body. Then with the pointed ends of both the crystals, I just started pressing my entire Heel region with medium pressure, like an Accupressure. I did this activity for 15-20 mins....There were severe pain happening in some areas of Heel, but I held the pointed crystals intuitively for 15-30 secs in each areas of the Heel...

Once I finished the above stuff & let my foot down, I noticed, the entire pain in the Heel has fully vanished & not reoccured till now. The Miracles of VK & the magic of crystals using it with VK are infinite...Glories to Divine VK..!!

Many Thanks to Divine VK, Sharath Sir, Divine energies, the Supreme Almighty God & all the Litarians & teachers .!! With deep Gratitudes..!!



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