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Boosting method with multiple VK that not in the same place

GOLDEN SUNRISE to all teacher and mentor also VK’s family

I have read basic post about boosting method of VK multiple time to have better understanding.
I have one question, would this boost method work if my VKs are not in the same place? For example I have 5 VKs,
I am at work and only wear 1 VK, my other VKs are all at home in the safe place without touching each other. I request reiki physic surgery healing with my 1st VK which I have with me. Can I request my other 4 VKs to boost the healing from a distance? Or boosting method only work when all VK are together/ close by? I know VK listen and follow your intention from a distance as long as you are the last person who touch VK.
Thank you and GOLDEN SUNRISE


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