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VK Healed Excessive Mucus/Phlegam secretions & throat

Golden Sunrise All,

I am happy to share another Glory of VK on a Golden New Year..!!

My Aunt 84 yrs, had been suffering from excess Mucus/Phlegm in her body since last 3 mths..Also, her vocal chords were strained & almost her Voice was getting muted...She had tried 3 doctors & the last one's medicine was slightly improving.

I gave 3 days healing from VK & things have drastically improved a lot....Her voice has come back. Her Mucus secretions has greatly reduced by more than 80%....Below is the Healing combinations given 2-3 times a day for 3 days:

VK Pls give
ENT Serum +
Reiki Angel Number energies for excessive Mucus/Phlegm +
Archangel Raphels energies to Heal throat, body +
Perfect Health Serum / ( or Hanuman Chalisa) +
enhanced energies of sharath Sirs Video on Throat chakra Healing +
Golden Sunrise

To speed up, I gave her below Reiki Angel numbers for excess Mucus & asked her to write on her left side of Body ( as she is right handed - for lefties, they hv to write on Right side of Body) . Also to write them in white chit & keep it under her pillow.
& as well to write the numbers frequently as & when in the Air by her hand :


Note, with VK, it is not required to remember the reiki Angel numbers...We can just say for eg: "Reiki Angel numbers for heart disease cure"... I believe, VK is intelligent enough to pick the right Angel numbers.

Hope this helps people with above condition..

Many Thanks to Divine VK, Sharath Sir, Divine energies, the Supreme Almighty God & all the Litarians & teachers .!! With deep Gratitudes..!!



  • Beautiful experience ji
  • Srinidhibg, thanku for sharing your experience, I want to know that above healing combination aapne kaise diya through vk, I mean direct request method or writing method please clarify.... I required urgently this combination
  • Golden Sunrise @Madhuri_singh ...All Healing Done Via VK direct request method... 5 energies max u can choose from the list in one Healing.....( So If I give 3 times healing like morning/noon/night, I can give different energies tht I listed at different times). you can also give the same energies with writing method also. Which ever is convinient for u

    Additionally to speed up healing, I asked the person to write the Reiki Angel numbers on their hands/thighs/Legs as well so Angelic Reiki & protection will be happening thru out the day as they are non VK users.. Also they were advised to write those Angel numbers in a white chit & keep it under their pillow....While they are sitting or working, they can also write it with their forefinger, just in the thin Air which gives them one dose energy, if they write once. they can write in the air as often as possible...This method reduces your burden & frequency to heal the person multiple times especially in severe cases.

    You can get more info abt these reiki cure Angel numbers in youtube --> search for Dr Suman Agarwal..... Plenty of small videos for various complicated diseases are there including how to use them.....

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