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Money Magnet Program

Do I still need to do the Money Magnet Program if I want money? I thought by getting VK and requesting from VK and doing the syrums was enough for me to get my desires? I'm a little confused as to what I need to do? Please explain? Thank you,


  • @slarocco
    Any healing you can choose to do with patience.
    The energy need differs from person to person and gravity of situation
    If you have been guided to do MONEY magnet program , you can do this with VK too

    It's like if a person troubled with heart issues, takes HEART SERUM for healthy heart. But can also listen to a meditation to rejuvenate his or her mindset to come out of anxiety related to health for better recovery

    Same way one can do MONEY MAGNET program to channel the concious and subconscious mind while even taking TOTAL WEALTH SERUM

    I can see from forum you have joined forum on 17 Nov. So you are a new VK user.
    Learn practise VK and surender the results to Divine wish.
    I saw your multiple posting on forum and facebook on same issues, RELAX and calmly do your healing

    Wishing you a prosperous life
  • ok thank you, I appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions

  • Hello Sir/Madam, How to place the request with VK for Money Magnet Program

    Pls let me know
  • @Vsk
    Please check articles on MONEY Magnet program on website
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