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Financial and metal issues

Three issues

1) project stuck
Husband's project is getting stuck due to the society people who are constantly trying to bring up issues and stop the progress of the project.
Need a solution where the project should start immediately with immense profit.
This is stuck from 3 years.
I have been giving ACS GS On and off.
58 release resistances on sometimes.

2) money needs to stay with us
We both work hard however the money doesn't stay with us.
This is putting both of us under pressure.
Need solution for husband to get good earning projects with tremendous profits and money should stay with us and grow.we should experience financial abundance and freedom
Give GS, TWS

3) mental health
Husband's mental health is getting affected, with constant thought of the project and finance. He has started feeling stuck with the same thoughts repeating in the head constantly and unable to rest his mind.
Just cropped up not given anything yet.

Request VK teachers to provide me with specific solution for above three issues.
Thanks a lot!!


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