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Greetings from Germany dear teachers of VK,

I am new user of VK around one month and 10 days, I am so grateful for the divine power and Divine Soul Sharat sir for this unique divine tool which is really helpful, I would like to ask , is there any other mantra or ways to mimicking for protecting the real enlightened person?

In my own experience with mimicking hanuman chalisa in both charged water and direct request, I couldn't continue after 3 to 4 weeks because lots of negative energy has been attached to me, especially into my left side of my entire body, also all my good energy has been taken away, and the other mantras very gradually protecting me?

And shall I only use shield of seven rays to protect me?

Because the shield of seven rays is really strong and effective but I didn't trying it alone , I used it with different mantras and cosmic serums.

Blessings and light to you all! ????


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