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Mimicking Access Bar Session with Divine VK to solve relationship issues with a pet

GOLDEN SUNRISE Divine VK, Sharat Sir, and the whole Litarian team.

My friend is a dog lover and doesn't know much about cats. One day a three month old cat who lost its mother, came to my friends house. As an animal lover he used to feed the cat, give the cat freedom to its will. There are many important things one should know as a pet owner or animal lover. Any animal will mirror our habits and behaviour at some point in our life. I told this to my friend too. We become short tempered or become stressed some days if we are prone to outside influences. If we are sensitive to outside energies and doesn't know to remain in balance we get affected and even show our outburst. The same thing happened.  My friend had an angry behavior to circumstances which he didn't like. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. This behaviour of my friend developed an irritated and fearful and complex behaviour in the cat. It was seen doing toilet everywhere and hurting the sentiments of my friend. He was facing a terrible hardship and even abandoned the cat from his home as the cat never learned nor peeped into the toilet to learn good things. I too was reluctant to say anything and felt disappointed. I asked VK how to deal with both the minds of the pet and my friend.
That was the time when Sharat Sir was posting a lot of posts about Access Bar. Even my other friend sent me screenshot of the post and then Sir sent in WhatsApp group for all. I got my answer and replied to Sir with Gratitude -  It's another feather in my hat of healing, as I knew I got my solution. I thought why cant I experiment with Access Bar?
I read the whole process and wrote both the names of my pet and my friend in one page as it was a relationship issue, so Sir had told in the post to write both the names together and gave the command to VK,
Divine VK please mimick and please do Access Bar Session for my friend XYZ and his pet ABC to resolve their relationship issues with love and light with safety and security (3×)
I set the intention that the cat ABC is behaving with full discipline and compassion towards its master and doing his toilet in the bathroom only and is receiving love and respect from his master for the highest good of all and kept VK on both the names.

In the evening again I gave a command to VK,
Divine VK please mimick and please do Access Bar Session for my friend XYZ and his pet ABC to resolve their relationship issues with All Clear Serum with safety and security. stating the same intention. To my surprise that night my friend called and told me the cat itself went to toilet on his own and started to change his behavior. I happily said, this is it, and gave few healings with Access Bar for nearly a month.  Today my friends relationship is improved, the pet has become obedient, compassionate, a bit mischievous getting small scoldings, ha ha, and touches his masters legs showing his Gratitude. My friends outlook towards the pet is also changed.
What else can I ask more, Divine VK, you are a life changer adding values to the beings who cant speak, but making them worthy as a part of our lives giving them the essence of compassion, love, Gratitude.
Gratitude and GOLDEN SUNRISE once again Sharat Sir, and your beautiful creation - Divine VK, and this forum also where we share our learnings and our experiences very happily. Thank you Divine, Thank you Universe.


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