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Severe Knee Pain healed

Golden Sunrise All

This is one of our family friends 84 yr old Lady was suffering from severe Knee pain. Doctors advised Knee Surgery... But the patient is reluctant as the joint & cartilages are weak. Patient was in huge unbearable Pain..I have been healing her knee since 2 months by VK.....Severe knee pain has miraculously reduced by 95 percent.

In the first 3 days of using Cosmic serums & sharath Sirs video energies the pain immediatley reduced....Below r the Various healing Combinations thru VK I am giving which is highly effective

VK Pls give Pain Care Serum, Calm Down Serum,Gym Serum, Golden Sunrise, Hanuman Chalisa, Mahamrityunjaya mantra
enhanced energies of sharat Sir Video on Joint Pains Cure,
enhanced energies of Sharat Sir Video on Get Stronger Healthy healed Knees
enhanced energies of Sharat Sir Video on Perfect Healthy Joints
REGENERATE Stronger, healthier Healed Knees
enhanced energies of Sapien Medicine Video on JUST THE KNEES
enhanced energies of Sapien Medicine Video on JOINT REPAIR WITH BONE SPUR REMOVAL
Reiki for KNEE PAIN

Initially my healing frequencies were 4-5 times a day in the first one week to 15 days....Now I give healing only twice a day morning & night since last 1.5 months.

The REGENERATE request is very powerful... I have used it on myself to REGENERATE DNA, JOINTS, CELLS & got great results.
VK automatically intelligently regenerates as per our body requirements.

My Sincere thanks to VK, Sharath Sir, DIVINE almighty & Litarians for their many helpful posts & tips...Gratitudes..!!


  • Amazing experience in healing knee pain. Thanks for sharing in detail. Golden Sunrise to all your efforts.

  • Wonderful to know how you treated. Thank you so much for sharing so much in detail.
    Golden Sunrise to all your efforts.
  • GOLDEN SUNRISE dear, thank you for sharing your dedicated and detailed efforts to treat knee issue for senior citizens, so beautifully with VK. Gratitude and God bless yourself and your family friend, Sharat Sir, VK and Litarian team.
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