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Full amount $11.650 Credit card debt waived with VK’s help and Sharat Sir “ Debt Free Life “ video

GOLDEN SUNRISE to Respected Sharat Sir, all Litairian teacher and family.
I am very grateful for this outcome! Since my husband got diagnosed with Alzheimers Dementia in June, he is unable to go back to work. I wasn’t sure how we going to manage the credit card payment since I am unable to work as I am taking care of my husband.
Few weeks back when I received my first VK and Chotu, I asked both of my Vks to show me the way how I can manage this situation. I surrender myself to the Divine. That night I could not sleep then I open my husband online banking to see where we at with our financial situation. As I scrolled each page on the Commonwealth Bank Australia website I came across “ financial assistance “. I open the link and it states the bank are giving help to ease its customers financial difficulties. I applied and explained our current situation. After I filed the required form and sent, I talk to both of my VKs, asked to speed up the process and bring the best outcome for my husband financial assistance request x3. The next day I got phone call from one of their team and they started the process by interviewed us. I ask both of my VKs again to make the process easy, I sent Love Serum, Golden Sunrise and So7R to the interviewer. After 10-15 minutes she asked us to provide statements from Medical professionals about my husband diagnosed before she can assess our eligibility. Meanwhile I listen to Sharat Sir “switch words for DEBT FREE LIFE “ Video on youtube everyday and keep sending GS, TWS, and So7R.
Today we got a phone call letting us know that The Bank waive our Credit Card debt ( full amount of $11.650 ).
Miracle do happen if you believe and keep your faith with the Divine power.

Thank you and gratitude to Divine and Sharat Sir for this wonderful blessing


  • Thats Superb! Golden Sunrise to your husband's health. We pray for his healthy life and your happy life.

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