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Sri Lalita Trishati energy

Golden Sunrise.

I read a post by @Puneet-Certified VK Teacher ji that we can get the energies of Sri Durga Saptashati by a simple request to VK.

I have been drinking water charged with the energies of Sri Durga Saptashati and in just 2 days i have got tremendous relief from severe heart palpitations which i had since childhood (and I had tried many different healings and none of them had any effect). I will continue drinking this charged water and I have utter faith that MAA and VK will put everything in my life in order. Will post my miracle story in VK success stories as well. Thank you so much Puneet ji for sharing this amazing tip!!

I wanted to ask if we can request VK to mimic the energies of Sri Lalita Trishati as well?

I used to recite Lalita Sahasranama very regularly earlier (learnt from listening to YouTube audios) and was always fascinated with the Sri Lalita Trishati. But I never actually learnt to recite the Sri Lalita Trishati since I read online that even if we recite the Trishati, we will not get the full benefit of it, if we have not been initiated by a Guru with the 16th Beej mantra which is a secret mantra.

I am so much in awe with the immediate effect of drinking the water charged with energies of Sri Durga Saptashati, I just could not resist asking the learned Team Litairian this question about Sri Lalita Trishati.

Many many thanks Team Litairian and Sharat Sir for everything!


  • Yes, you can request VK to mimic the energies of Sri Lalita Trishati. You can also mimic any mantra, path, holly book, etc.

  • @SharatSir Many many thanks for your reply! I am greatly honored that you have yourself replied to my query!

    Many many blessings to you, your loved ones and the entire Litairian team.
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