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Can healings be sent via VK when receiver is active and doing physical work?

Golden Sunrise Everyone.

I am new in the healings journey. I received my VK a couple of weeks back and I am reading various discussions on this Forum to understand ways to make use of my VK in a better manner. Baby steps as they say :)

I wanted to send healings, one by one, to various persons such as myself, my daughter, my husband, my mom etc.

If I want to send any of the Flush Empowerment healing / Lama Fera healing / Reiki healing / Access bars, one by one to different people, I wanted to understand if these healings will only be effective if the receiver is in resting position (lying down, sitting, even standing but standing in 1 place and not moving about)? Will it not be effective if they are moving about and doing their work? (For eg. Will the healing not be effective if I request VK for Lama Fera healing for my mom while she is cooking or if I request for Lama Fera healing my husband while he is working in office?).

I am asking this question only in relation to the various healing modalities that VK can mimic and not in relation to the cosmic serums. I understand that cosmic serums can be sent anytime of the day.

Why I am asking this question is because most people I want to send healing to, go to sleep/rest post 10.30pm or 11pm. It's around the same time I also go to sleep. To add to this, none of us take naps during the day and we all have a bumper to bumper day with back to back work.

I am currently able to send healing only to my mom. She calls me as soon as she is lying down to go to sleep. I send 1 healing request via VK for her and after sometime I also go off to sleep. I wanted to understand if I can send healings during day time when all of us are doing our chores / work / activities.

Thank you Sharat Sir for the divine tool VK and thank you the entire Litairian team for providing such a brilliant forum to ask our queries.


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