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Need help

I am a vk user I have been married just 6 months my husband only proposed me and came behind for many days even i rejected him many time later I agreed and we spoke to our elders every one agreed and we married after our engagement I fell sick was admitted to hospital and also during marriage
In February we got married after our marriage my husband started fight with me and telling that he don't want to be with me
We asked many astrologers every one said same that my mother in law has done black magic to us I m using vk healing but not getting results in this also my heal is not recovering,my parents are also not supporting me my husband becomes angry on me for no reasons often and turns to hit me and shout on me, I don't know what is happening feel like to die I beg u all to heal me and my relationship my name is Amruthaa and my husband name is harish bhat. Having a last hope if u all help me I will be thank full to u all please please please heal me and my relationship I beg u please


  • You got this ans by @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher in our FB group:
    Start drinking VK charged HANUMAN CHALISA water every 30 min 1 sip daily. Continue with charged water and send SHIELD OF 7 RAYS to you your husband and your marital relationship.

  • Dear Litairian family and sharth sir and rakhi mam I am happy to inform you that today at 1.30 pm my husband himself called me and spoke to me
    Thank u so much and thanks for vk
  • Thank u everyone for your support and healings please heal me that my husband should come soon and be with me here
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