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Golden Sunrise,
During 28 years a special person and I have been on and off communication and there's always been a connection. This past year we've declared love to each other, but since a few months ago this special person is saying he loves me as a friend. I'm depressed and confused I love him and want to go out with him. What should I do?
Thank You


  • Why can't you live with him as a friend?

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    Golden Sunrise SharatSir,
    I don't live with him. Bit I don't want to be his friend because I love him as something more. These past 28 years he has treated me as a friend as I have him, but there's always been more, even other people have noticed it. After telling one another we loved each other I have no idea what happened. I even asked if there was someone else and he swears he doesn't have or like anyone else.
    I just want to he his girlfriend and I don't know how to ask VK with the correct words.
    Thank you
    Golden Sunrise
  • Give him Love Serum.

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    Thank you so much ShararSir!!
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