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Success in music with VK

Golden Sunrise!
Happy sharing of another beautiful success story with VK..
I was a classical music vocalist, was doing concerts 10 years before.. Due to sudden illness and arthritis, got bedridden..Though recovered from bed, due to deformities and ups and downs in health, I had to keep away from all of my career and totally away from music. I stopped even thinking of music, and forgot many learnings to keep away from the hurt from past memories.

I stepped into maths online classes, to keep me alive in something. And one of the parents just forced me to do online music classes for two kids.. I said I almost lost my voice, didn't want to bring the old things.. still I just did the music classes for the two kids as for their request. But i found that I couldn't take my voice to high ranges, had lost my flexible ease singing as part of my down health.
My voice was too fragile, sensitive, even had chest muscle pain if i tried singing. Faced short of breath if tried in high volume..
I took a break for few months from all the classes including maths... living with my VK, healing for my walking etc. Didn't focus in healing my voice, as my priority being joints and immune related other healings,.

One fine morning, after Sharat Sir's one week mass financial healing, I got an online academy job, to teach music. I thought of teaching very basic levels of music to kids online. But i saw that, again these singing issues were too much..

I said to my VK..
Divine VK, I don't know how i got this job even. Without asking you, Sharat Sir's healing has brought this job and the team also is good. But now how to preserve this job.. i have no idea..

Rotating VK on my throat and chest as a circle, for 5 minutes before I started a class for a kid that day, saying repeatedly Divine VK please make me sing high pitch easily... I did VOB.

To my surprise, don't know where blocks of my throat went away, I saw that something opened in my voice. I continued the same for a week just once or twice a day 5min. In a week, i saw that I could touch high ranges gradually. In three weeks, I see that I sing more very easily, my pitch gone high, with stable flexible voice, as I used to do years before. My wonderful surprise yet more is that after no practice of these many years, now..., not only high ranges in single scale, able to sing shifting to next two upper scales in high ranges now.

I am so happy that i got to sing on my favorite deities, my Divine music,..

Beyond materialistic career or fame, loss of my singing had affected my core bcz that was the language I used to connect with Divine.. I used to sing alone at home, years before for simply the bliss of it.
But now VK has revived it to me.. and connected it to a comfortable enjoying teaching career too.

Gratitude to Divine Sharat Sir and to Rakhi ji, Puneet Sir, Sanjay Sir and all litairian team for such lovely wonders in my life. At times, gratitude in words are not enough when it comes to the soul finding a bliss and peace. Here VK has done such a thing, to feel the Divine vibes. I feel home at Divine.
Soulful gratitude and love to you all...
Thank you all for taking me to my home.


  • Too good. Thanks to Sharatsir who made VK and helped so many people. Thanks to VK who gave you your life back????
  • Wow, It's really Golden Sunrise with VK
  • Wow, That's a Divine experience Jaya. Very happy to get your reconnection again to the Divine with blessings of Divine VK. GOLDEN SUNRISE and Gratitude to Sharat Sir and your beautiful creation Divine VK and the whole Litarian team. God bless all
  • Wonderful to know. What a divine experience. Thank you so much for sharing????❤️????Golden Sunrise
  • Thank you for sharing this beautiful experience. Golden sunrise to you.

  • wow..Beautiful Divine experience. Thanks for sharing...Gratitudes to Divine VK, Sharath sir & to all Litarians for changing our lives. Golden Sunrise Divine blessings be with all

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