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Weight Gain | Muscle Mass Gain

Dear VK Team,

Kindly guide about Weight Gain | Muscle Mass Gain

Weight Gain Serum, Gym Serum, Perfect Health Serum, Men Serum and Alpha Male Serum - these serums to use, right ?
and how many sessions a day ? and what else to do ? approx how many days will take to see results ?

I am normal healthy person, but lost weight due to over dose of antibiotic 3-4 years back and it has not restored, after that again slow weight loss happened may be due to stress, specially financial stress, all body systems working fine, have checked with doctor, there is no other issue. may be no exercise at all is also one of the factor which caused mass loss, age is just a number but if you need to know, its around 42, normally I am very happy person and working on removing stress from my system, please guide ..

would like to read testimonials about weight gain | mass gain to get the confidence.

a VK user..


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