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Question Regarding Business Relationship Problem

edited September 2023 in VK SUCCESS STORIES

Golden Sunrise Litairian Team,

We have horses on the farm where I live and my horseshoer/farrier just suddenly texted me out of the blue, quite suddenly, to tell me she can't work on our horses anymore. I am about in tears. This is the third horseshoer to quit on us in the last year. She says she is overbooked but I don't know if that is the real reason or if she is being honest with me. It's very hard to find someone who does good work on the horses feet and she is the best horseshoer I have had in my entire life, so I'd really like to have her continue working on our horses. We had two more appointments set up for July and I talked her into at least keeping those appointments, but I would like to turn things around somehow so that she will continue working on our horses. I keep trying to get going with training our horses but am having problems with the most basic things, like this, keeping a horseshoer.

What do you recommend I send her with my VK to turn the situation around so she continues to work on our horses and is happy doing so?

I was thinking -

1) All Clear Serum
2) Calm Down Serum
3) Love Serum
4) One Soul Serum
5) Shield of Seven Rays to protect her continuing to work with us.

Does this sound good or is there anything else I should send her to change her mind?



  • Just request to make a way to find the best horseshoer.

    If she is best, she will be with you and if not, someone best will come soon.

  • Thank you Sharat Sir, I really appreciate your wisdom.
  • I just wanted to come back with an update. It is now the middle of September and we do have a new horseshoer that I am absolutely happy with. I did as you said, Sharat Sir, and asked my VK to make a way to find the best horseshoer for us and our horses. After that I asked my old horseshoer if she knew of another horseshoer who had trained with the same Master horseshoer she had trained with who worked in our area. She gave me a name but didn't respond back when I asked her if the person came to our area. So I contacted the Master horseshoer she had trained under and asked him for the name of someone he would recommend. He also gave me the name of the same horseshoer our old horseshoer had given me. So, I was given the name of the same horseshoer b y two people. Literally minutes after that I did hear from our old horseshoer that the person she had recommended to me was willing to work on our horses. It took a couple of weeks to set up an appointment with this new horseshoer, so I was actually feeling doubtful if it was going to work out, but then she came and worked on our horses and did a really amazing job. I realized at that point that although I really liked our old horseshoer and loved her work, that I didn't really feel comfortable around her and had anxiety around her because I had this constant feeling that I was under scrutiny and that I was being judged by her. I do not have that feeling at all with this new horseshoer. I am completely comfortable with her. She is also very patient with our horses which is making me very happy. So, I just wanted to let you know that we did find the horseshoer that was best for us, and that it was actually an improvement from our old horseshoer. Thank you Sharat Sir. :)

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