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Positive outcome in official assignments & professional relationships

Golden Sunrise Sharat Sir

Gratitude to Sharat Sir and VK

Sir, I charge my water bottle with TWS, AWS, Beauty Serum to communication skills, Brain Serum, ACS & GS which keeps me charged and brings good successful discussions in official meetings. VK helps me in my official assignments as I keep sending TWS & GS to my assignments. I charge my visiting cards with TWS & GS and 90% times, meeting gave me desired results (P.S. Every desired result is not a conversion but every person plays his positive role in my assignments). All day I have water charged with these energies. It is delivering good results with positive outlook.

Thank you VK
Thank you Sharat Sir for your blessings


  • @SumanGoyal_1
    Wonderful experience. I loved your intention ...every person plays a positive role in your assignments. Creative intention.
    Thanks for sharing
  • Thank you Rakhi Mam. I keep getting inspired feom your posts and the results are delivered on following your guidance. Thank you Mam

  • @SharatSir Sir, I would like to share my recent experience with VK on 6th July 2023. I had a meeting with CFO of a University for Salary accounts being a banker. Before entering I charged my proposal letter with TWS, SO7R & GS. Sir it was really hard to believe that the meeting went so positive with him that he was willing to shift all the accounts of the university to my bank. Though further meeting happened alongwith my boss where she met the already positive CFO for giving business to bank and feels that she converted him. I saw the results of VK already so I was okay to let my boss have the credit, after all the conversion will reflect in my account :) As she knew how things went so she is getting positive on me trying to involve me in bigger assignments.

  • @SumanGoyal_1
    Thank you for sharing your success story,
    May I please know what COSMIC SERUM is GS?
    I am inspired by your post ????????

  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher thank you for the answer

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