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VK work

I am not finding any changes with VK even not understanding is it really working.


  • Is there any example where you are not getting results?
    Have you read all the basics of VK?
    Have you watched videos related to VK?

  • Yes, I have seen video I know we need to request VK 3 times for any wish I want to improve my financial condition I was using total wealth serum.
  • Why don't you start using VK for minor issues and then gradually build up your connection with VK?

    Find the reasons whether you have limited beliefs, thresholds, negative energies in your financial areas, or anything else stopping you to earn more. And then work accordingly. And if you don't wish to find out the reasons, then continue with TWS, it will release all unwanted energies related to money growth.

  • Ok thanks I will do now
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