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Squandering Money problem

My Sister age 32 is having Epilepsy+schizophrenic + Angry disposition since childhood .....She is sometimes spending money uselessly in purchasing costly garments+ eatable things ...What serums + energies are necessary for her SQUANDERING habit...I am giving her Brain Serum+ Calm Down+ Balance + GS with Direct request , water charging, Vob Brain also started...The Mental trouble is also due to VERY LONG TERM USE OF ANTI EPILEPTIC MEDICINE VALPROL CR 500. ..BD ..Which is now MUST for her every day...If she discontinue the medicines by herself due to obstinacy the convulsions and mental troubles are developed and the emergency situation is developed sometimes ..


  • @1234
    Send GOLDEN SUNRISE TOTAL WEALTH SERUM and BACH FLOWER RESCUE REMEDY energy with VK . You can keep the intention for money conciousness.
    You may use ANTI ADDICTION SERUM with intention to deaddict from unnecessary shopping habit if required
  • Thank you didi. GOLDEN SUNRISE.
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