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Wondering if I am doing something wrong

I have been working with VK for the last 7 days. I did a lot of reading even before VK reaching me. Of course its difficult to read everything in just a few days but I believe I have a level of understanding of what is capable of and how to use it. However, my results are not sufficient and I want to discuss some specific experiences to understand if I am doing something wrong.

So two nights ago I woke up with a tough pain in the ear. I didn't know what to do in the middle of the night so I decided to use the Pain Care Serum. I took VK in my hands and repeated out loud three times "VK, with safety and security, please send me Pain Care Serum and Golden Sunrise now and forever." For the next 3 hours I asked for this request eight (8) times. Sometimes before even 30 minutes pass as it was urgent and I was in a lot of pain. The pain did not change at all.

First thing in the morning I went to the doctor. Doctor diagnosed an ear infection. I then understood that I missed something very important. I didn't use the ENT serum. Came home and for the next 4-5 hours I was asking for the request "VK, with safety and security, please send me ENT Serum, Immune Serum, All Clear Serum and Golden Sunrise now and forever.". Again I was saying this three times while holding VK. I did this request 13 times in about 5 hours. After that, I did VOB to the ear twice while chanting ENT Serum.
From the ENT serum direct requests and VOB, no change happened as my ear pain got worse. I decided to follow the doctor's instructions and start the antibiotics.

My stomach is not really great. Antibiotics give me a really hard time so today I have been feeling all day with nausea. I took Digee serum in water, as a direct request and with VOB and I got no relief.

Meanwhile the last few days I have done other mimicking requests which I cannot say any of them had results that I would say for sure VK worked for me on anything. Requests like mimicking a kundalini reiki yoga session, thai massage, neck decompression, running session.

Tonight I decided to make this post wondering if I am doing something wrong.


  • @morph


    While using VK understand that you are now in a journey of healing which you are also exploring and learning.

    So use VK for simple things. VK has infinite possibilities so you find lot of written guidance , experiences, ideas about VK. Read slowly and practise what is simple and need of the hour.

    After hernia surgery, that i raed in your this link post
    one needs to take rest and that is most imp after any surgery and specially after abdomnal surgery.

    You were guided to take GYM SERUM preferably , but in your above post you have mimicked energies of running sessions, massages etc. I would label them as challenging body when the body is supposed to rest.

    Even though you must have requested with safety and security, or sometimes missed safety intention, these sessions are not what the body wants.

    You may need flexibility and strength, for which PERFECT HEALTH SERUM and GYM SERUM are safe and effective.

    Post surgery, requirement of energies is high.
    If there is any severe symptoms, Sharat Sir guides that medicines can be taken and should be taken along with VK healing so that body gets immediate attention.

    So if there is severe infection, medicine should be resorted to along with VK healing.

    Regarding your antibiotics intolerances, again when the body has undergone surgery and on that if medicines dont suit, then energy need os high.

    Here it requires patience in healing. Healing also involves taking actions, action to report to doctors about pain and medicines and get them changed as per your body tolerance limits.

    I guess you are a very enthusistic person and you want to explore many possibillities with VK. We appreciate that and suggest that you can choose to use Cosmic Serums and direct requests in your own words to VK in the begining when you are recovering from surgery and severe health situations this time.

    Request VK to bless your body and heal your organs. While lying down do GOLDEN HEART BLESSING MEDIDATION with VK.

    You can use this direct request too
    VK please send energy of MAHA MRITUNJAY to my health
    Practise VOB for your pain affected areas in simple ways

    Wishing you GOLDEN SUNRISE for your speedy recovery and healthy joyful life

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