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Me and My car success story

I received the VK from Sharat sir in May, and i started using for many purposes in my everyday life, and was getting the results and changes as expected. But unknowingly, I observed when everyday morning or late night i used to start driving my car day in and out SO7R, ACS and TWS serum to myself and my Car and the occupants. I used to thank Divine and VK for the money to put for fuel and safety of me, my family and the car. Today i met with an major accident where i got a very small scratch to the car and the 2 wheeler person who banged and lost control also was completely safe apart from minor bruises which was resolved by First-Aid and, I had as always used the same serums before starting for my office.
I felt as cosmic energy my Lord Krishna is protecting me through VK and the prayers.

JAi ho VK ki :)

@Sharat Sir-VK Inventor - Thanks for being our guide and bringing the cosmic energy in VK.


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