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My Divine experiences with VS

Golden Sunrise Divine souls

We had our VS installed in our home couple of months before.. The day when it was installed.. i felt meditative states very well.. the deep meditation which takes time is just instantly available in home.. Could see my chakras in few min of closing eyes..
The main reason behind going to sacred places, high ranges, natural atmos, river sides etc... all is just to get to the meditative state of mind.. where the thoughts settle down automatically due to the positive energies available there..
Beyond.. that effect is now available at home itself due to VS.. by which to get one point focus..
And.. once again happy that i see white light in the corner of eye blinking now and then daily.. since VS came.. which is the presence of guardian angels.. ????
Feel very highly protective vibes and energies with ensured safety and a very healthy blissful atmosphere at home..

Thank you Divine master Sharat Sir, litairian team and all Divine souls travelling along.
Golden Sunrise
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