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Event success

Golden Sunrise
Today would tell u all the biggest success story abt Vk .
I hve total 9 vks . I m into events . I had my event this month where the target of selling stalks were 75 . 15 days bfr the event I didn't even reach half my target . Just coz the event had huge money involved as well as it was abt my reputation as well I contacted @SharatSir . Though he wad on a vacation still going out of the way he guided Mr. N even asked me to connect to @kavita mam . Both of them guided me to their best . Bt somehow I was under a lot of pressure n also my anxiety was not letting me achieve my target . Bt keeping the fate n boosting with multiple vks . To my surprise just a night bfr the event I was sold out ..though some compromises were made in the prices . Now the 2nd biggest challenge was to make the event super hit . Here nature played an important role n yes 3 days of heavy rainfall in a 4 day event . Wld not say it was amazing bt yes it went on an average scale with clients not blaming me as it was the rain which affected the footfall . Was continuously talking to vk in my own words to save My reputation n it actually did . I was in utter shock seeing myself achieving the sales target which was quite impossible. I m thankful to sir for being a great help .


  • Thanks for sharing your success story with all of us. Golden Sunrise to your next ventures and events.

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