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Dental Problems

Golden SunRise Blessings, Mentors,

My Dentist told me my gums and enamel are weak and demineralized as my tooth are loose and shaky. Kindly advise me as to what serums to take.
Before my dentist visit, was taking BEAUTY SERUM, Zapper Healing 9V10KH and GOLDEN SUNRISE. I noticed my teeth in lower part was getting thinner. Suspect acidity as I feel it travel up in the night all the way to my head.
Am also taking Happy Mouth by Dr. Tom Kolso. DIGEE SERUM and BALANCE SERUM for Acidity.
Can I take PAIN CARE SERUM, PERFECT HEALTH SERUM, BALANCE SERUM and GOLDEN SUNRISE as well as Reiki healing for Mouth, Gums and Teeth with intention for strong healthy gums and teeth now forever.
How to phrase EFT for tooth to be healthy and firmly rooted back in its cavity.

Thanks a ton!
Golden SunRise Blessings,


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