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Contiuous Digestion issues and body pain and headache..

Golden Sunrise

I am suffering from continuous digestion issue.. imabalance pitta sleep issues morning headaches.. i am taking medication but it isnt helping much. Can i get some tips using VK for unknown cause of such health issues. I also have removed my gall bladder 6 mnths back..but no relief. Few say its planetary effect few say its metabolism or digestion do i request VK for helping me in such scenario of health which is very unclear


  • Have you every tried Digee Serum?

  • Yes sir tired Digee Serum both thru Water method and by requesting VK and keeping it aside for 30 minutes. Doing that daily

  • Take Mood Up Serum, Bravo Serum, and Perfect Health Serum too.


  • GOLDEN SUNRISE SHARAT SIR.. i am not getting relief sir infact my Sugar has also gone up..i have started taking above mentioned serum water
  • What is your age? What is your daily routine? What kinds of medicine you are taking? Plz share the above info with your diet chart.

  • Age is 39 yrs.. Daily Routine is office and home and morning pranayam and walk. Diet is normal home made veg food .. snacks tea and some sugarfree biscuits afternoon lunch daal rice and sabzi eve tea diet snacks and dinner again same veg daal rice some sabzi.. medicines are ayurvedic for acidity issues, sugar issues, digestion sinus morning headaches nrck shoulder pain and myalgia body pain and all.. have operated 6 mnths back removed my gall bladder coz of stones and severe pain in abdomen.. too many physical symptoms an getting treated for
  • Thanks for sharing all the information.
    1. Most of the time tea creates many issues related to digestion. Immediately stop it or if you want to continue then charge it with ACS and drink.
    2. Must note that all medicines related to sinus issues are hot in nature and increase pitta in the body. If you want to take them then charge them with ACS or if possible stop them and treat your sinus issues with pranayam and ENT serum. ENT serum does not increase pitta in the body and treats sinuses safely.
    3. Along with other necessary serums take PHS and rescue remedy as much as possible.
    4. Work patiently on you.

  • GOLDEN SUNRISE. Sir still the morning pain cervical headache stomach issues pain is not reducing feel.too stressed i am using all the serums as guided above with chargedwater and by requesting VK.. How do i feel better sir pls guide me
  • Take Digge Serum, Mood Up Serum, Bravo Serum, and Antaacid.

  • Hi Sir i m not finding relief .. severe cervical.pains started
  • @NitsVK
    Charge water with DIGEE SERUM PAIN CARE SERUM BACH FLOWER RESCUE REMEDY and energy of SAIBABA UDI. Drink this water few sips every 15 - 20 min

    Charge a body cream with PAIN CARE SERUM and GOLDEN SUNRISE and apply on affected area
  • Ok mam
  • Ok mam
  • No relief mam doing as guided
  • @NitsVK
    Digestion issues may take few months sometimes to heal.
    Also you need to check your sleeping pattern and diet.
    If you are not sleeping enough or you eat things which aggreviate digestive issues, this wont resolve.
    Also do some meditation for calmness
  • Mam can u guide me on which serum can give me calm sleep and energy at night.
  • My pains are worsening even my doctor is unable to help
    . Reports are normal always
  • You are so much in anxiety. Is there anything wrong in your life, in your career, or home environment?

  • My health sir daily morning pains
  • Is there anything wrong in your life, in your career, or home environment?

  • Hv no idea but m struggling healthwise
  • My Sugar levels hv spiked to 400
  • Some kinds of emotional disturbance are the cause of increasing sugar levels and high sugar levels can be the cause of digestive issues. Must check and heal them first.

  • Ok sir. Please let me know if there is any way. As lot of them say its planetary effect. I am living a marital.seperation since last 10 yrs but my health issues are much prior that..and most of the times we all nowadays me mom and dad are facing lot of health issues.. doctors are unable to.clarify.
  • As i seriously want to find relief frok VKs divine energies
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