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Mixing 2 charged things at the same time


Question: If I am using a pain-balm charged with GS, PCS, ACS, and PHS, can I drink charged water GS, DIGEE, PHS, at the same time (Water from my water filter that I had charged from before)?

2: What is the maximum number of serums we can use in a single charging of water bottle? For max efficacy.

3: Lastly sometimes I forget to add certain serums; in that case do I instantly cancel the previous request and make a new request to VK?

My VK karishma is just divine and magical! I love it and it’s bringing so much happiness, positive energy (some sort of nice positive buzz/vibration in my life)! I received it 9 days ago and it’s been working nonstop round the clock for me!

I will be coming back with many VK success stories in the near future.

Thank you VK, Sharat Sir and all the VKiarians!


  • @spaceyogi007
    1. Yes
    2. Its mentioned in every Cosmic Serum article and in BASIC POSTS on this forum
    3. New request is good
  • Thank you Rakhi ji!

    To all those who are not sure, it's maximum 5 serums that you can mix and charge your water with.

    In terms of phrasing our request to get THE EFFECTS OF A SURGERY, is it better to say:

    Divine VK, please send the positive effects of Dr T's XYZ surgery with safety and security to me or on the body part where it's intended.


    Divine VK, please activate the positive effects of Dr. T's XYZ surgery with safety and security in me or on the body part where its intended.


  • Both requested are fine.

  • Ok wonderful! Thank you Sharat Sir!
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