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Family relations

Hello Sir, There’s an issue with the way a friends son doesn’t listen to his father. He just pretends he obeys him but he doesn’t. Due to which there’s constant conflict and pressure between them which also affects my friend. The father is extremely stubborn and aggressive. The son is pressurized to act in certain way, which he doesn’t like and do either. There should be friendly and accepting relations between them. They both should listen to each other. The son should be able to understand his father’s views and vice versa. Also, son should succeed in life.


  • @Pals
    Check this link at the end there is a list . With the title also you will know which serums are for relationships
    You have been on forum for more than 2 years. Must read articles and use SEARCH option too
  • Thanks Rakhi ma'am!! However, I have been giving OSS to the family.
    Gym serum to my son, CDS to both, however that alignment in thought is not taking place.
    Also, now a days my son gets angry if he is suggested something. He is becoming reluctant especially about his food habits and weight. Hence, I was wondering whether I am not doing something correct, hence posted the question.
    However, I would like to definitely mention that VK, and VS have given me amazing experiences throughout my journey so far, and I am blessed hence I got these excellent tools in my life. I grateful to Sharath Sir, and Sai Baba to have me and my family blessed with these.
  • @Pals
    You can send GOLDEN SUNRISE to eating habits of the son with the intention of eating nutritious meals on time.
    You can explore BACH FLOWER REMEDY BEECH or ROCKWATER (please choose after reading the respective articles on Bach remedies on litairin website) for the father as you have mentioned him as stubborn aggressive person.
    Sometimes alignment of thoughts may not be a solution , as 2 different people can have different views especially 2 generations. Both may be right in their paths too. Just a suggestion instead of intending for alignment of thoughts , one can intend for harmony and peace in their relationships. In this way, judgements are kept aside on who is right or who should follow whom.
    You can send energy of SUCCESS to the son for his success.
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