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About weight loss

Golden sunrise
Can we mimick the figure of any particular person for our weight loss determination.
Thank you


  • @H_v05091983
    What will be your intention to VK?
  • Vk please mimic the body figure of so and so a person with safety and security to me now and forever .thank you
  • @H_v05091983
    If there is a significant differenec in figure of energy receiver and the person who is being mimicked or even otherwise then just requesting VK may not work to achieve that wish.
    Efforts to get to that figure will also be required. Maybe the energy receiver will become more aware through energies or VK will brings ways to achieve the goal.
    But the person has to walk through that path to fulfil the wish.
    Understand that help is always available in Universe but the people should be proactively taking those possibilities to achieve those
  • Yes with proper efforts ..thank you
  • @H_v05091983
    Thats great
    Do share your experiences
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