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How long do they last?

@Rakhiji @SharatSir
In his article on `Love Serum', Sharat Sir mentions that the effect of Love Serum lasts for 10 to 12 hours. I have been under the impression that as VK has to be kept aside for 30 minutes after making the request, the effect of the serum or whatever is requested lasts only for half an hour. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Also, is it possible to know how long do the effects of the other serums last?

Deep, heartfelt gratitude to Sharat Sir for giving us this great `astra'.



  • @mahesh
    VK has a feature that it can send requeated energy for 30 min
    The energy works as per need. If the energy need is for 15 mins. The remaining 15 mins energy remains in the Universe instore.
    If anytime that energy is needed again that energy will flow to you.
    The article on love serum says that effect of the energy stays around 10 orso hours.
    So its the effect that stays for those hours.
    Regarding any serums or any energy the effect will happen depending on need. If the need is high the energy will be consumed faster , requiring frequent healing
  • @rakhiji.....thank you very much

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