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Marital problems

Two of my friends, married to each other, are planning to get divorced. I know they are incompatible, but I still wish that they would settle their differences and be together. Will it be karmic interference if I request VK for their reconciliation? If not, then can I request VK to send them Love Serum, One Soul Serum? Do let me know. Thank you. Mahesh


  • @mahesh ji Who we are to judge for karmas of any person we can only follow our good intentions for someone's good.
    You can always use VK for others good without any second thought without their permission.

    Secondly VK users can use LOVE SERUM only for their own relationship with other.
  • You can also make Husband Wife relationship EC for them and charged with VK. This EC is designed by @SharatSir it is intensly powerful for any relationship conflict.
  • Very grateful, Puneetji......

  • Gratitute mam first..
    My one friend is trapped in bad influence. His friend is always said him to do bad think like alcohols n unwanted affairs , relation with parties n all .

    How i detach him from bad friends

    I used GS.Antiaddtion cerum, ALS but still no guide that he will stay away from bad friends circle .forever

    Kindly suggest mam
  • @meggha_2022
    What is ALS energy?
    If there are too many bad habits, energy need is more.
    Increase the frequency of healing.
    If he need deaddiction from alcohol pubs girls bad company then energy is required in each of the multiple areas.
    If you still want to heal him do it with lots of patience
    Must give him protection with SHIELD OF 7 RAYS
  • Sorry its ACS . Mam which multiple area i hve to pass energy ?
  • @meggha_2022
    You have mentioned in your post multiple addictions so multiple areas
  • Dear Puneetji,

    This is a query with reference to your suggestion to Maheshji about printing the relationship EC....

    1) How many serums can I use on the EC?
    2) Is it necessary to say 'and' before saying the last serum?
    3) Is it necessary to rotate VK 15-20 times on the EC after taking the names of the serums?

    Thank You.

  • @Saibisa
    Please check BASICS of VK post for questions on procedures
    You are on this forum since 5 yrs, must keep reading BASICS
  • Thank you. I read the basics and got a lot of clarity about charging water and things. I had queries about how to charge the Relationship EC using VK. Can I just say the intention and place the VK on it?

  • Is there a video showing how to charge ECs using VK?

  • i just came across an article about how to activate ECs. I got my answer. thank you.

  • Dear rakhi mam .to removed bad habits like pub girls . Alcohol .flirting tried lot aa u suggested GS .Acs.shield of 7 rays but that person is not stoping such thing. But day by day he is cheating his wife and increase doing bad thing. I passed energy both of persons he and his friend but still they r not separated .
    Pl pl suggest stronge solution
  • @meggha_2022
    Mental healing and multiple de addiction will require patience .
    And you must surrender to Divine while healing and not get into anxiety of counting time.
    Use Antiaddiction serum too

    Imagine there is a child with little hunger he will need some food
    Imagine another child who is malnourished since long time and lost all nutrients and lost good weight and become very weak , he will need time and more food energy to become normal
    A person with multiple addiction is like malnourisehed child who is deprived of good energy
    So what will you do , choose to do healing with patience ??
  • Thank u mam . So it means i will increase the healing to both separately .right
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