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Vk is a super fast Mimicker

Recently i was waiting for money to receive from 2 sources as i wanted to pay some debt since 7 days but no result .then i requested VK to mimick all the benfits of " QUIET, CLEAR, GO, ADD, END, BRING, GIVE, TAKE, COUNT, NOW, DONE " without knowing the meaning of this words and pharases at night nearly 10 pm .the next day at nearly 10 am i received my money from thoses sources .its super powerfull tool , works unknowingly .thanks VK


  • Wow experience.

  • Superb.I am requesting my VK to get back my stuck money ,suddenly I received broadcast msg from Sarath Sir,how to use switchwords with vk to get back stuck money..Thanks Devine.Thank you VK.
    Thanks Sarath Sir and shub962 to sharing this superb experience.
    Thanks again????
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