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Dear VK Teachers, Anyone heard of this healing Panjabi mantra? It will be great if you add an informative content on this Healing mantra. Thank you. Golden Sunrise.


  • It is a great Mantra. The real mantra is "RAM DAS SADA SAHAY SOHAM". Guru Ram Das was the 4th Guru of the Sikh Tradition. Meaning of this mantra is "Guru Ram Das Always Surrounds Me Like Soham". Meaning of Soham is "I am as Like as God" (Jaisa Ishwar Vaisa Main).

  • @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor

    Wow. Thank you Sir for sharing this wonderful knowledge.

    As learnt from Sharat Sir .....

    So Hung is actually SOHAM.

    In some local areas they pronounce "SOHAM" as "SO HUNG"

    The way "Alexander" is called as "Sikandar".

  • Thank you Sharatsir and Rakhiji for your valuable thoughts on the mantra.

  • @ Sharat Sir, you are Goldmine of Knowledge and I believe that after following You, whatever comes to me, appears that I already knew it. Thanks, you keep us filled up and quenched.

    @Jayaprakash, please try and understand the mimicking powers of VK. We need not include any mantra in the collection or archives, since you are fond of Mantras, you just need to know whichever Mantra blessing you want. Affirm for the energy of the mantra to VK and VK will bless you with that.

    Further, for your knowledge, 15 years ago, when I was learning a very powerful healing process called "Power of Divine", Sharat Sir, gave me this Mantra of "Jaisa Ishwar Vaisa Main" (SOHAM). I suggest, instead of collecting rare Mantras, practice on your favorite Mantra energy. Our aim is "To Do" and not just keep "Gaining without Doing". This Mantra is going to multiply your body electromagnatic fields to 5 times. This is my experience. Best of Luck !!

  • Thank you, Sanjayji for your uplifting words. I will now onwards try to concentrate on "Doing" rather than keep on "Learning".

  • Thanks for your Thanks, @Jayaprakash, take it from me, you will really gain a lot spiritually. Learning will no doubt increase your Archive, but Practice will elevate your inner self.

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