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To stop a Divorce

Golden sunrise A friend's friend is going through a lot in her marriage life . 3 yrs back they had a love marriage n after that all issues strted . Whenever she comes down to her moms place to stay for a while her husband sends her divorce notice. She is at her mom's place in kolkata since last September n there us simply no communication bet her husband n her . She doesn't hve a gud relationship with her inlaws as well. Plz share some tips so tht I can help her go bck to her husband happily n the communication strts .

Been using ....
Calm down serum
Golden sunrise
One soul serum
Writing the couple name on a piece of paper inside a circle .

Sending All Clear serum to the events tht affected both the parties .

Anything else I need to use .. plz guide


  • @Nehaagarwal
    What is the purpose of Calm down Serum
    There are some tips in article of LOVE SERUM on what energies can be sent to wife or husband. If she is a VK user she can send LOVE SERUM. If you are using VK for her, check out the tips other than using LOVE SERUM in the same article. You can also use SEARCH option on this forum and litairian website for more ideas.
  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher I m using Calm Down Serum to calm down the anger of both the parties .
    After searching only I hve been using these energies . Plz guide where m I going wrong
  • @Nehaagarwal
    After reading if you have chosen this you may continue. For more ideas keep reading
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