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Am I Doing Too Much With VK Please?


@Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher
@Puneet-Certified VK Teacher

Please I need your advice to check if I am overdosing myself with VK. I had a big list serum for different things in my life but @SharatSir advised it was too much. I have trimmed it down but I want to share the new list here so all can benefit from the advice I get.

FYI: I have gone through all the VK tips, and Tricks, Do's & Don'ts and have read about 90% of the issues and solutions related to my situation in the forum. So please I am NOT asking about How-To. My main question is "Am I On The Right Track, please"?

I have read at multiple places we can request as much as we can so I was a little confused when I learned it was too much. If I am drinking water, I don't mix the energies (eg. Wealth and Health). I wait for the 10-15mins rule using water. If it is a direct request then I put it on the side for 30mins.

1st Priority is Growing my Business. (This is the only one I am focused on now).

This is what I do DAILY:

  1. I charge my Wallet and Bank Accounts ( 2x daily) DIRECTLY with:
    Total Wealth Serum, Shield Of 7 Rays, Mood Up Serum, and Golden Sunrise-Full-Count.

  2. For the Business, I use the WATER BOTTLE METHOD with:
    Total Wealth Serum, Shield Of 7 Rays, Bravo Serum, Alpha Male Serum, and Divine Is My Constant Money Provider.

  3. I also have an EC which I downloaded from our website with my name and business name on it. I charge it once or twice a day with the DIRECT method, using TWS, All Clear Serum, and Golden Sunrise.

  • FOR MY HEALTH (It is NOT a priority because this is my lifestyle. I go to the gym every day)

  • BEFORE I GO TO THE GYM every morning I do this with WATER BOTTLE METHOD:

Gym Serum, Bravo Serum, Men Serum, Flab Down Serum, and Golden Sunrise.


Heart Serum, Brain Serum, Eye Serum, Calm Down Serum, and All Clear Serum.

Please let me know if I still have to shave this down with the best recommendations for my business and health.

Thanks so much, @SharatSir and the entire VK Teachers for what you do for us. I appreciate you all.



  • Yes, you are doing too much.

  • Thanks for the quick response @SharatSir so please what do recommend? Just one method for my business? For business, I was doing only one and I charge my wallet and bank accounts which are all different receivers. Stop charging wallet and bank accounts and just focus on water?

    Please what about my health?

    Please a recommendation will help.

  • @DivineCreator
    As sir guided you are overdoing.
    My suggestion for you
    charge in water bottle 4-6 dose all day regularly.
    2. For Health take combination PERFECT HEALTH SERUM, GYM SERUM, FLAB DOWN SERUM (if you are working for weight management), HEART SERUM.
    Charge in water 4-6 dose all day regularly.

    If there is any other issues please specify.
  • @Puneet-Certified VK Teacher Thanks for the guidance. I didn't know I was overdoing it as long as the receivers were different (Me, Water, EC, Bank Accounts, etc).

    I get it now. Just one method is what I need depending on which is convenient at a particular time. <3

    Thanks, @SharatSir and @Puneet-Certified VK Teacher for your patience. There's so much information it is like a whole college course that needs reading over reading to really understand it fully =).


  • @Puneet-Certified VK Teacher

    Please I have about 2 large stuck Money with two different companies. Should I just maintain my wealth practice or do I need to do something else?


  • @DivineCreator
    Must use the search option to make learning easy.
    You can use keyword like STUCK you will get guidances as well as success stories
  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher GOLDEN SUNRISE to you, and thanks for your quick response. Divine blessings to you for the great work you're doing to help us daily.

    Yes, I have read many success stories about how to retrieve stuck money. My question is not based on How-To, it is more about Am I doing too much? as I stated at the beginning of this thread.

    I was advised by both @SharatSir and @Puneet-Certified VK Teacher I am doing too much. So I have revised my strategy based on the recommendation above.

    @Puneet-Certified VK Teacher last question was: "If there is any other issues please specify."

    And the answer to that is Yes - Stuck money. So I wanted to know if I should just maintain what was recommended earlier or if I will need to do something else for stuck money. I'm already doing something for my business (Wealth).

    I hope you understand. Sorry for the confusion.


  • @DivineCreator Thankyou for sharing your inputs in details. Your patience and efforts are much appreciated.
    About my prior reply "if there is any other issues" was regarding your health. As you are using Heart Serum, Brain Serum and Eye Serum also.
    If there is any health issue to take all these serums or any specific energy, kindly please mention the same.
    Else you can go with my prior suggestions
    1. For wealth for personal growth and career.
    2. For regular perfect health.
  • For stuck money with companies or any person you can make an EC and follow guidance in this link below.
  • @Puneet-Certified VK Teacher Thanks so much. My question has been answered. I am healthy - so no issues on the health side. So I am all set now.

    I will share my experiences as they unfold.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to the entire Litairian team and to @SharatSir for everything.

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