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Full Moon & VK

GOLDEN SUNRISE! @SharatSir, beloved VK Teachers and Experienced VK Users, I am very grateful to you all.

My VK was supposed to arrive tomorrow but since I've been so positive and chanting GOLDEN SUNRISE, and 2 days ago, I just wished my VK will arrive today, and viola, just 2 minutes ago, I got a text message that it will be delivered today instead of tomorrow.

Well, I just thought of sharing this little surprise with a delivery date change on a day I wished I could get my VK

Since today is FULL MOON for those of us in the United States, what are some of the best ways we can use VK today? I understand there are no rituals or ceremonies to be performed with VK, just out of curiosity.

God bless you all. GOLDEN SUNRISE beautiful souls.


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