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Transcendental Meditation(TM) and VK

GOLDEN SUNRISE, @SharatSir, Honourable Teachers and Beautiful souls. I just discovered this great website and ordered my VK yesterday without a 2nd thought or doubts.

My question is, I practice TM and I'm trying to figure out if I can combine that with VK. If the answer is yes, please can I get best ways to use them safely?

I welcome all comments.





    You can combine any meditation technique with VK, for this, before meditation, just request VK to give you a deeper possible meditative trance (achieving this trance is the utmost need and desire of every seeker). VK will help you to reach there.

    Plz visit these links to get the answers related to your question:


    @SharatSir, I appreciate you very much. Thanks for the quick response. God bless.


    To @SharatSir, Beloved VK Teachers, Experienced VK Users.

    I am waiting for my VK to arrive this Thursday. I've been proactive learning as much as I can, consuming the gazillion information on this website (thanks for the great work @SharatSir). The info available is overwhelmingly good but I know I will find my level as things settle down.

    My second question on TM: I already have a mantra for my TM meditations and I am trying to figure out how I can practice mantra meditations like SHREEM and GOLDEN SUNRISE after I finish my TM meditation. Since VK tips recommend that for mantras like SHREEM, it is more powerful to chant it rather than to think or write it,......

    Do I chant SHREEM first for 15mins or 108 times and then repeat the same for GOLDEN SUNRISE or I can combine SHREEM + GOLDEN SUNRISE as one chant and for how long or many times?

    Please all Minds are invited to comment and advise. Thanks to you all in advance.


  • @DivineCreator
    You can practise them the way you feel connected.
    Specific questions on sw can be asked on our facebook group
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