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About mimicking the skill

Hey Sharstbhai and mentors,
While.reading about the basics of VK.
Came across mimicking with VK.
I was school math teacher but at my new job as home school teacher I have to teach 2nd and nursery students.
How I can take help of mimking?
Should I say mimik the skill of best nursery class teacher if I don't know the name of good nursery teacher?
Do I have to request everytime to mimik the skill whenever I take the class?
What should I mimik if the kids are not listening or not doing what I ask to do?
What should I do teach all subject as mother teacher with ease?
Or any other method with VK other than mimik or with mimik?
Please guide.


  • @malini11_desai
    You can request in your own words as you need to.
    Mimick word means copy. The more specific you request the more it will mimick.
    If you dont know name of a teacher. You atleast know what skills a good teacher would have. So you can request VK to enhance those skills in you.
    you can choose to send beauty serum to your teaching skills
    If you still feel you want to mimick generally without any particular name you can explore and share your results we will also learn

    You can take ALPHA WOMAN SERUM regularly.
    For childrens study or behaviour check posts in CHILDRENS category and VK Tips you will get many ideas
  • Ok, will keep all the suggestions in mind.Thanks a lot for your support
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