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Husband is always complaining

Golden Sunrise

I need help to sort the issue in my marital life. 5 years of marriage with a 2 year old kid. My husband is not of an open mindset, he easily gets influenced of what others talk negative about me (others like mother in law, brother in law etc). I have always supported him thru his thick and thin but when it comes to support me he is never available. Because of others, he has imbibed lot of negative thought patterns, keeps complaining, never appreciates. He blames me for every wrong thing that has happened to him. He hardly communicates or talks about future, wellbeing, savings for kids, buying our own house etc. that a husband or father discusses. As a women I don't get his emotional support. My parents are looking after my kid while I am at work but he never appreciates or rather puts them down in front of me despite of knowing that his mother is not available to look after our kid. Please guide me on this.. Can i use love serum, one Soul Serum, Balance Serum to heal him.. and Hanuman chalisa water charge to check if there is no black magic act.


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